Video: Hardside - Timebomb

This Texas crew has been turning a lot of heads since their debut ep Welcome To Hell. Heavy, rough sounding hardcore fronted by gritty as the gravel vocals that could make likes of Merauder or Hatebreed proud, while puting their own twist on the proven formula with an occasional use of clean vocals. Usually my reaction would be 'what the fuck?', but somehow they pull it off. Seriously. No way it makes them look soft. In contrary, it only makes the hard parts sound harder and overall gives the music more depth than your average band in this weight category.

This new cut is a fucking monster, with band going at it real hardcore. The track comes with a tight groove and great riffing that gives it lots of dynamics, somewhere in the middle the fast part is straight up head-banging thrash and it all ends with a killer mosh part. It sounds like they really wanted to tap into new territories while maintaining that raw hardcore edge. All with a great effect. The new record will drop end of July, 'The Madness', BDHW Recs.