Mastiff Interview

Mastiff hails from California and soon will be dropping new record via Knives Out records. To my knowledge the music is already recorded, but the ep is still in the process of putting it all together. This interview was done couple months ago so some info might be outdated, but it's a good start to get to know this band.

Can you introduce the band and tell us where you are from?
mastiff is from the east bay area (we touch the water)

When was the starting point for Mastiff?
the starting point for mastiff was the winter of 2012 in the heart of east oakland.

You got shitoad of releases posted on your bandcamp. Gimme us some overview, which stuff is the best and which kids should pass?
honestly the hardest part with mastiff is we feel that alot of kids cant really relate to some of the songs we write, we wouldnt really tell anyone to pass on anything we make just for the fact at one point of time we thought it was something important to write about..mastiff is more of a groove that some people hate or feel.

I dig To The Sky but it’s just one track. Does it meant there is an ep or full length in the works?
hell yea thanks, we did just wrap up a recording of a few new songs a cover and redo on some older ones that we are excited about to release with a lable..should be anounced soon.

What progress do you see from Trap City to the most recent tunes?
mastiff we feel has some what grown with writting overall, same mentality if not we are just getting more pissed (FTW for real)

What bands have shaped the sound you’re going for? There is a nice NYHC vibe in your music, and I also hear some Trapped Under Ice influences. Would you agree with that?
honestly we are all fans of madball nyhc tui the whole east coast bang and got nothing but love for it.. but for the most part i say we have our roots that weve planted with the San Leandro Hardcore sound that people either fear or enjoy (Lose None, On A Warpath, Stompout)

Strength In Despair via Knives Out Records

Is there any running message in your lyrics?
yes yes yes yes yes, these lyrics are very important and personal to me every single one down to every fucking word i sing "have you ever seen a mother hold her child dead, have you ever crept slow with the lights off bustin that heater kid to spread the message" i still get goosebumps on most of the shit i sing, with or without people singing along or going off, it doesnt matter..shout out jaime make move/worthiest sons

How hard is living in East Bay,Cali for real?
eastbay is fucking awesome i love it more then any other place in the world..shout out kurdistan YPG YPJ love you.

What’s the scene like over there?
the scene in the Bay Area is thriving its hungry as fuck as well as the Central Valley in northern california..couldnt complain..shout outs to SKBOOKING CLOCKWISE COLLECTIVE CVHC

What is cooking up for the band in the near future?
mastiff will keep pushing more and ..we dont plan on doing some huge ass world tour but we do plan to hit any area we feel as a band that is critical for us whether its europe east coast japan or kobani

Pics credit: Kevin Brosius (flickr)