Stream: Dead Shall Rise - The Gazan Mardu [ep]

Dead Shall Rise is:

Aaron Melnick
(Integrity, Cider ,In Cold Blood)
Lenny Melnick (Integrity, Inmates, In Cold Blood)
Blaze Tishko (One Life Crew, Integrity, In Cold Blood)
Rob Orr (Integrity)

Do I need to say more? The Gazan Mardu sounds like an orgy between Clevo hardcore, stoner rock and Neurosis. In terms of song writing and complexity this is definitely move into more creative direction and shows these dudes blending styles outside of generic hardcore and metal. There's also a lot of raw energy that connects to the classic Integrity and In Cold Blood records. Yeah, there are lot of slower, fucked up metallic passages but the more aggressive parts let you know where these dudes are coming from.

I don't recall ever being let down by anything that Melnick brothers did and this ep just proves that those twisted, genius minds are on the Mozart level. The more I listen to it, the more I dig it.