Review: Diction - The Poor And The Hopeless

Brand new album from LBU staple Diction and it’s everything I expected it to be. This is the kind of hardcore that most arrogant individuals could only pull-off. As raw as it gets and there’s absolutely no polishing to these tracks, but this is what I dig the most about it. Hardcore supposed to be like that, that’s what got me hooked up on this art in the first place.

Rucktion bands tend to split people in half, but whether you in or you’re out, they’re out there doing their thing and a lot of people are loving their music. If you got into hardcore last year cause your girlfriend showed you Turnstile video this record might seem too rough, but for the seasoned hardcore enthusiast there’s a lot to love here. The Poor and… brings that rare combination of aggression, arrogance and aggravation you might recall from Final Beatdown, Self Inflicted or just any Back Ta Basics release..

Not only on the musical level, the lyrics get the job done as well. The subject matters revolves around the observation that the adult life is just tragedy after tragedy. There’s not hope things gonna get better during our lifetime and it’s gonna be even harder for our children. These are thoughts I struggle with more often nowadays and I feel it sometimes that connects me with the lyrical content of this record.

The only downsize I can find is the packaging. How such a solid band can have such shitty album covers? From the depths had some ugly fish on front, and this one has some lady’s face or sculpture of the face all black and white and bullshit. What next? They should fire the guy who did it.

Rucktion, 2015