Review: Bun Dem Out - The Few The Deep

Finally I got my filthy hands on this gem. The album that was impossible to get by means other than break and enter is available for purchase legal way. The first print disappeared from the market which was fucked up. I think I’m not the only one feeling this cause dudes at Rucktion reissued this gem last year.

Musically, what can I say? Bun Dem Out is comfortably fitting in somewhere in my all-time top heavy hardcore from Europe. The music is tense and pretty uncompromising coming across like a combination of Knuckledust, Shattered Realm and Slayer. The band ape tight riffs and decent groove while Pelbu attacks his verses with brash and ignorant flow. This album never stays still and the way they put the songs together is creative but not overbearing. The style ranges from stripped down hardcore to death core, and there’s a little bit of other crazy influence that creep their way in there too. The highlights are Peruchos Tale and What? No Blaze. Weird but brutal stuff.

I hope this re-issue is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the next full length album in concerned.

Rucktion 2015