Review: Cornered - Hate Mantras

I admit I am a Cornered fan boy, I am pretty much down with everything they do before it even comes out. The band is one of the hardest and sharpest in Europe and this new album is to prove it. If hard as nail hardcore packed with thug posturing and self-destructive emotions is your bag, then track this one immediately. Hate Mantras knocks out 6 tracks of heavy, punishing hardcore with metallic overtones. The band has ability to make hard-hitting NYHC beat, grimy Clevo heaviness and European vibe flow together to create mean ass hardcore to annoy your neighbors and disgust your girlfriend. Think of something between Breakdown, Ringworm and No Turning Back, if that makes sense.

This record is their best stuff since Living The Lie. It’s way better than Sudden Death, which had its moments but also a deal of less memorable tracks. On this one each track holds its own. On top of it Niels’ attacks his verses in his usual brash fashion carrying this sucker to next level. This dude is a truly disturbed soul and each track is a reminder that violence solves everything.

When it comes to hardcore, I don’t need nothing fancy or groundbreaking. I need it to be raw with healthy dose of aggression. That’s what got me into this in the first place. That’s why I appreciate records like this one that sounds fresh but I don't have to devote too many brain cells to understand what’s going on.I highly recommend to check this short but sweet record.

Strength Records, 2016