Review: Concrete - No Dawn

Another one from Albany,NY-based Concrete and just like their previous stuff, No Dawn is a heavy-hitter. The band specializes in heavy, gritty hammer-and-nails hardcore and in this regard, this ep does not disappoint. It seems like they were aiming for heavier sound than on previous records, but thankfully they managed to do it without losing all the necessary hardcore elements. Their sound is deeply rooted in old school but with solid metallic parts and breakdowns and mosh. These dudes can play and skill-wise this is above the average, the guitar work is technical though they keep it sharp all the way and drumming is more than on point. Especially the rhythm section is keeping everything together with a steady groove for the rest of the band to follow.

If you're into heavier side of hardcore you owe it to yourself to listen to this one because it's exactly what one would need. Though it sounds technical, it’s hard-hitting and carriers enough of that anger and aggression that separate hardcore from phony metal. Each track is hard hitting and punchy and this might be their best material to date.

Fast Break! Records, 2016