Back in the days: Krutch road stories

Taken from an old interview with Richie Krutch back from 2002:

Any Interesting Road Stories From Any Of The Bands?

HAHA, yea a lot, but here is one of my favorites...The first night we played Germany, our shit was stolen, I am talking CASH, cameras, jackets. So we were like fuck it, we split up, some went up the street, some went down the street, next thing we know, our man Pepi is walking towards up dragging this German skinhead dood, he found the guy with all our stuff. So we torture him, make him take us back to his house, bash in the door, all that. Anyway, after leaving him near death, our drummer Shawn turns on his video cam of the show that night, It turns out the kid that stole the camera taped himself jerking off in the alley near the club... we were laughing like crazy.