Review: Backfire! / Cornered - split

More Backfire! and Cornered never sits wrong. Both bands dropped full albums in recent times that were so good that obviously no one expected this split to disappoint. And they didn’t. When I got this shit for review after first listen all I could think about is that what both bands do over here is on the level many others will never reach. Only two tracks in total and from start to finish they give it raw and uncut. There was not a wasted moment in this. Backfire is sending you straight to hardcore heaven with Mosh Minable. The track is sharp and in your face, from chugging rhythms to hard as hell groove to forceful vocals everything gets the job done. Cornered as always delivers beastly tracks blending fury of hardcore and evil of metal to good effect. No doubt Time Has Come delivers that rage that is expected from this band. Raw, bitter, and loveless work of hardcore.

Strength Records, 2016