Demo Daze: Existence, Black Palate, Soulless, Guilt Ritual

Existence - Demo of 2016

Four dudes from Sweden come ripping on this very first demo of Existence. Pissed off hardcore with a massive stomp and slick metallic riffs. And the vocals.. god damn it, dude sounds like he got some serious problems. Everyone who hates the world should listen to this one.

Lightning rushing through
I can’t control myself
A thousand eyes staring
But I can’t run away
I can’t hide, I can’t run away
Making my way through a world that’s not for me


Black Palate - Demo 2016

The sun rises in the east! Grim but hard-hitting hardcore from Poland that should get attention from everyone into darker side of core. This is actually not bad and I am definitely looking forward to checking out that 5 track CD due out on Mark My Words Records.

Blind to injustice, dumb and weak
Wandering through life, toofuckin’ fast,
Worthless, pointless
To forget who I am, who I was and who I wanted to be


Soulless - The Gods Will Be Overthrown

Godless metallic hardcore from Melbourne, Australia.

Eternal Sleep, the sky weakens.
Eternal Sleep, struggling
Eternal Sleep to survive,
Eternal Sleep these thoughts.


Guilt Ritual - Cured of Life

Raw, gritty hardcore from US with stomp and attitude.