New Blood: Life Abuse

I'm a sucker for every new shit from the Crowd Deterrent camp and this is another project done by Rob (vocals of CD) and it's quality as always. Music-wise this is something between Crowd and Race Riot, both in music and attitude. Listen to the demo below and read Rob giving some more insights into LxA.

What’s the story behind Life Abuse and why start another band when you already have Crowd and Race Riot?
I wanted to do a new band with guys that live closer to me in the Youngstown Ohio area. Crowd Deterrent barely plays anymore unless it's something we really want to do and race riot only practices if we have shows coming up . I wanted to do an actual band that practices and plays whatever local shows we want . Steve from cd/rr plays drums so I wrote two songs in one day and we tried em out . They came out pretty cool so we decided to go with it .

How does Life Abuse compares to your other bands?
I'd say it's somewhere in between cd and rr. The newer cd stuff is heavy metallic hc and race riot is straight 80s punk hc stuff , life abuse is kind of fast crossover hc almost in the middle of the other bands I do.

Life Abuse is a dope name for a band and lyrics are spot on. What you want for people to get from listening to ‘How can death be any worse?'
Thank u ! I always have names for bands layin around just in case I start something new haha. The bands lyrics are pretty bleak and really just represent how trapped and shackled I've always felt in everyday life. The world is built to keep people in line and keep the machine going at all costs, there's no room to stray from your designated path . I always hated laws and rules that we are forced to live under day by day and the thought that there's zero you can do to change it . People can get what they want out of it ,but it's just my personal thoughts on modern life .

Have you done any shows so far? How are kids reacting to these songs?
We played our bass players house for his bday party and it was a great time. It was all friends and they're biased so the show was pretty good for our first haha. Our next show is end of feb in Cleveland so we will see how kids react. All the songs are fun to play so no matter what reaction it'll still be a good time .

What the future holds for the band?
We are gonna start playing as much as work allows all of us to. The other bands I do are playing some really cool shows/fests this year so I'm trying to do Life Abuse shows in between all of that. Especially house party shows .