Demo Daze: Dead Heat, Territory, Badwill

Territory - Blackhole Blues Demo

Tucson, Arizona heavyweights back with 3 new tracks that scream 90' metalcore. If that style is your shit you need to give it a try. Sheer Terror cover is a bonus.


Badwill - Мы Те, Кто Мы Есть

This one is from the other side of iron curtain. Tough as nails music with heavy grooves and vocals that don't fuck around. Only one track is sung in English, the rest is in Russian.


Dead Heat - Access Denied/ S​.​E​.​E​.​D.

2 tracks of musical punishment filled with classic uncut raw that brings to mind likes of Merauder or Leeway. Metallic hardcore hasn't sounded so good in a while.