New Blood: La Guadana

Give us some background about the band? Who are the members, when was it formed and where your're based?
Basically La Guadaña is only 3 old friends who had the idea for so long to play together and record something before our guitar player moved to Israel for a few months.

The members are Samuel, the drumer , Ofer ( guitar ) and myself, Josue ( voice, bass and some guitars) We all live in a small town near Barcelona called El Masnou.

Samuel and me have played together for almost 20 years in the band Anal Hard, Samuel plays aswell in a punk rock band called Guspira and I have a rock band Called Destierro. Ofer also has a Stoner rock band called Grass and played many years in the hardcore band Fresh Thrash.

What have you released so far?
So far all we have is the demo cassette with 6 tracks on it, released on backside records a while ago.

Major influences?
That' s easy, Cro-mags, Slapshot, The Rival Mob and Rip ( the old spanish band )

Spanish always sound fine in hardcore but the downside is that I have no clue what you're singing about. Can you shed some light about the subject matter of your songs
I agree, I really think spanish is a great language for hardcore, even if most of the spanish hc bands sing in english. Let´s talk about our songs:
-1"perros de presa"is against the police
-2"ejecutor" is against the judges
-3"plebeyo" is about cowards that try to look some way but you really know who he really is.
-4"cadena perpetua" is about the day by day when you have to get up to suffer and fight against everything.
-5"ante la guillotina" is basically against inquisition of the church back in the days.
-6"rencor" is about someone you trusted but stabed you in the back.

Since the Spanish economy has gone to shit I reckon life over there is not spoiling you that much. What's your personal take on what's happening in your country right now? Where's it going?
this is a country run by tyrants and we the people are tired of living under their economical pressures, taxes and basically being robbed by the government . Thanks god we have a very nice weather and food ( hahaha ) and that makes us conformists.

Has it affected local hardcore scene in any way?
Sure it has ! Specially during the 80s there was a nice wawe of punk and hardcore bands with a nice message and ideas ( eskorbuto, Rip, decibelios, Cicatriz ) and they settle the basis and ideas for many new bands who learled something out of their lirics.

What are some othe local bands kids should check out?
Now a days you should check out some other local bands such La inquision, Constrict, La oposicion , Grass, Appraise

What the future holds for the band?
We have plans on recording a 12” next summer once our guitar player is back from Israel, we already have a few new tracks ready!

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