Review: Absolve / Heavy Runner / Power Play - split

This ep has covers of E-Town Concrete, Hatebreed and Death Threat. That should speak to the vibe of the thing.

Absolve is the fastest and their opening track Nothing’s Right is swift and lethal, one of the best I’ve heard in recent times. The vocals are high end, they aggression in the way this dude spits out the verses is amazing. Not many bands cover Death Threat so props to them for this choice, especially when it’s one of my favorite DT tracks and it’s done so well.

The music offered by Heavy Runner is pure ‘90s era beatdown sound. I think bands from this side of Europe don’t get their props when it comes to the dope music they make. Runner is grimy, raw and violent, but nothing feels forced. Everything from the lyrics to the music feels like it could be snatched from any Next Step Up or Stout album.

The same can be said about Power Play. Echo is a beast packed with meaty groove and don’t-fuck-with-me attitude. A lot of newer bands try way too hard to bring back that feel of early Hatebreed or 100 Demons albums, but this band does it perfectly. Their sound has even improved since previous eps. The Hatebreed cover is a rugged , drum heavy, hard-hitting monster. The flat out skill apparent in both tracks make them a name to reckon with.

These 3 bands kill each and every track showing how perfect meeting of the minds this ep is. Each of them display a style that is raw and in your face and miles away from polished and watered down hardcore of today. This is the opposite of everything HCWW channel stands for.

Ratel, 2017