Review: Probation – Fucked By Life

This record has a super negative vibe, questionable songwriting and absolutely no finesse when it comes to the track titles and lyrics. You can't take too seriously a record with that title and lyrics like 'life sucks, kill yourself'. I can sense this dude is going over the edge but the way he puts it to words lacks any depth or weight. If I was to put my life experiences into a song it would sound something like that, but that’s the reason I don’t write lyrics.

Musically, some of the songs are ass but there are moments when they shine, but getting to that good stuff will have you digging through a lot of unnecessary crap. The more straight forward parts are ok, basically the faster the more it is to my taste. But all the sludgy and weird elements, man, they need to go! It only overcomplicates stuff when there's no need for that. Overall, to me it's a record with too many dysfunctional parts that were supposed to be amusing but just aren't. To end on a positive note, the cover artwork looks sick so this album stays on the shelf anyway!

WTF Records, 2018