New Blood: Chaver

>>Leipzig, Germany-based hardcore with style that goes from punk to metal and back
>>New record called Transference is just out via Injustice Records

For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?
First, thanks a lot for your interest in Chaver and for asking us these questions. So yeah, we´re Chaver. The 3 of us are chris, winny and willi and we play a mix of heavy hardcore, riffy metal and fast punk. Our base is Leipzig in the eastern part of Germany. We started in 2016 and released a couple records since. First was a Split 7“ with german powerviolence band BATTRA// and a year later in early 2017, we pressed our 1st EP STROKE on a 12“ vinyl. Later that year, we recorded the SWAMP EP tape and very luckily, INJUSTICE records was down to put it out it. In february 2019 we finally released our first album through INJUSTICE on a yellow 12“. It’s called TRANSFERENCE and we´re very glad how it turned out. Between our releases, we´ve been pretty much touring through Europe all the time. Weekenders and tours through small diy clubs as well as festival appearences. We´ve tried to play as much as possible and put heaps of effort into it. We still are.

What’s your goal with this band?
Wow, that’s a tough one. Our Goal with this band? There are a couple. Writing better songs all the time. Bring heavier riffs, have thighter drumpatterns, wich fit the overall song atmosphere better, writing lyrics that display our feelings, yet deliver the message more on point, having better songstructutres… all summed up, becoming better songwriters. Then, we would say, become a better liveband. Play thighter, play a good mix of songs, have the sound as good and as heavy as possible, having the live process more professional technicwise. that last thing goes hand in hand with trying to play more professional concerts and also venues to deliver a better concert (for example when it comes to sound and light). On the other hand, we´ve always supported the diy scene in small squated houses and stuff. We don´t want to miss that and feel very compfy there as well. and if you play good, you can pull a great set in the most primitive (technicwise) places as well, that’s for sure. we would also like to see more places then we´ve had so far. we´re planing to visit at least 8 new places in 2019. lets see how this turnes out. for sure, we want me people to know about Chaver and to listen to our music. That’s for sure. a dream would be playing somewhere overseas. Maybe we get to have this possibility one day.

Tell me about your debut LP. How would you describe the music on Transference? How do you define your overall style?
So yeah, TRANSFERENCE is our debut LP. We took quite a while to put an album out because we´ve experimented with different styles over the 3 years as a band. With TRANSFERENCE, we got to a point where we feel very compfy, musicwise. It’s a mix of different styles of hardcore, metal and Punk. I think there are hints of swedish styled d-beat, slow and groovy hardcore, death metalish riffs, melodies and coldnes of atmospheric black metal, thrashy parts, 90s metalcore breakdowns, dirty doom style, i can even hear a bit of newyork oldschool here and there. thats also the stuff, we got influenced by. in the end, I´d say, we´re just a bunch of punkkids, strongly influenced by Metal and Hardcore. lyricwise it’s a very negative album. It’s about the pain the society causes and the pain we cause ourselfs. i don´t want to get more into it but i’d appreciate everyone who reads the lyrics on bandcamp or on the lyricsheet in the record and thinks about the words. We totally got to mention Jan Oberg from Hiddenplanet Studios. He recorded our last two releases and helped us a lot to form the sound we have today. I´d recommend everyone who’s into any kind of metal to go there. It´s in Berlin and it´s awesome.

Tell us something about Injustice Records who are releasing this on vinyl. Why them?
As i state above, they also put out the SWAMP EP tape before the album. We got a very good feeling after that. Back then, INJUSTICE was the only label that put any trust in us. They liked the SWAMP EP so much, they even said they want to release our LP, no matter what. At this point, we didn’t even been to the recordstudio, haha. We really like the way INJUSTICE works. They are really focused on the aesthetics of anything they put out. Even if its a small tape or a little post on instagram, everything looks top notch. They put a whole bunch of effort in every release they are making. They got design people, video people, even people that put up shows and stuff. Every ounce of work they put in any project is a 100% worth it and we feel very honored to be a part of the injustice family. We´ve became good friends also. I’d really whish INJUSTICE would make enough money to pay the team. Right know they all got day jobs, what in the end, makes running a label that constantly puts out records, an even more outstanding piece of work.

What’s the story behind the lyrics on the album? Where do you find inspiration?
I draw inspiration from the pain and desperation i feel on a daily basis. Don´t want to get more into it. It’d be nice if someone reads the lyrics and takes something out of it, tho.

What are some of the moments that stand out to you when thinking back about the band’s history so far?
Right now, everything we´re doing stands out somehow. More people come to our shows, know the lyrics, like album. We got booked more often. Its a bit easier to book tours, we get to know more nice people then before. The release of the album gave the overall bandexperience a certain push i reckon. But to be fair, every tour so far was outstanding somehow, thats for sure. Playing return to strength last year was super cool as well. So much nice stuff happened these last 3 years.

What’s the hardcore scene like in Leipzig like?
The hardcorescene in Leipzig is great! you got loads of venues, both diy and professional, loads of bands and Promoters and you have a concert almost everyday. Sometimes even more then one. Every bigger band stops by, when they are on tour, or at least somewhere nearby (Dresden, Erfurt, Berlin). But its not just the bigger cities. Even the smaller cities have great groups, that put up shows, even if theres just a bunch of peaople showing up. They put endless effort into the scene without getting anything back. Their engagement is awesome. My alltime favourite concertcrew from our area is Trvefrykt booking from Weimar. Check these out! They also release a fanzine (in german language only). You also got a huge bunch of smaller diy or diy/professional festivals. Return to strength, for example, is a very good one. So all in all, yeah. The scene here is great at the moment.

What are some other future plans for Chaver?
We want to go to the studio later this year. We also got a couple tours coming up. A couple of festivals during the summer. Actually we want to play as much as possible and release new music.

Shout outs and/or last comments?
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