Interview: On Sight

Credit: Steven Pendini

Could you please introduce On Sight and give us some history of the band?
On sight started in 2016 most of us grew up together while those who didn’t years of music has brought us together.

Were you in any bands before?
Doug and Darren played in a few local projects before On Sight but I know Edgar and Dante played in a solid njhc band KNUCKLE UP!

Cause of Pain has been getting good feedback and that’s well deserved. How do you feel about the record when it’s out in the world?
It was a awkward time releasing the record during a pandemic like COVID but honestly the reaction has been amazing and we are super thankful to all our listeners

The message behind Cause of Pain is unfortunately extremely valid today. What’s your take on the whole situation? Many of the readers are not from the US so they might not fully comprehend what’s going on.
Without going to deep into things I’d first like to say I think every country  has its police brutality so what’s going on in America is no secret.  Cops are egotistical power trip hungry bullies. And with our history it’s no secret that poc (people of color) have been mistreated  in this country for hundreds of years and still to this day.

Has police brutality ever affected you personally?
Yes in short details my mother was slammed to floor by a Paramus nj police officer in result to knocking one of her bottom teeth out.

Addressing everyday life problems and ills is something that makes hardcore resonate with people no matter where they from.. I dig the message behind the songs on Cause Of Pain, but how important are lyrics to you?  
I feel Lyrics are very important. For on it’s causing kids to want to grab the mic and scream lyrics doing rid of that “horseshoe” shaped mosh pit as hate5six likes to call it.
And  i mean yea we all like the riffs and the breakdowns and violence it’s what mostly attracted all of to it. But to me the message is very important. Hardcore to me has always been a big fuck you to the society we live in,in the best way possible.

Tell us something Unbeaten Records and how did you hook up with them?
Buddy who runs unbeaten records is one of the nicest guys I’ve personally met through music. Him and his family work hard to make the name they have for themselves and for that I respect the shit out of them.  Buddy saw us live a couple of times we linked up with him. We already had cause of pain recorded and ready so we pulled the trigger through him and it was a great decision.

You have a couple of videos and they are all pretty cool. Tell us something about it.
Spit your lies was our first video we took some clips from a few shows through em together.

Fading out being our second video we had a buddy of ours deema play kinda like this low life persona to fit what the song was about and With a couple clips from a private show we put together
Expired almost same thing we put together a show at a private location and just started shooting

Cause of pain was a video of one of homies tagging our album and logo at a infamous spot in Newark nj and being chased out by a cop. With COVID hitting when it did we weren’t able to go back and get some live shots because of lockdown so we used what we had and it still came out cool.

Can you tell me a little about the practicalities of the video production: budget, schedule, locations etc? Does it usually go smoothly?
On sight is one of those bands that just roll wit the punches.

I’ve seen your show on hate5six and it seems kids go nuts to your music. What are some your favorite shows to date? Best places to play?
Me personally. I absolutely love philly we played on a Monday night and the turnout was amazing.  Nyc always turns up too! And of course nj our home always shows love!

What’s the craziest shit you’ve seen at a show?
Physical objects being thrown across the room like a food fight, but with chairs.

NJHC is a brand and everyone reading this knows Fury Of V, Second To None or NJ Bloodline. But what is the new breed of bands kids should check out?
So many honestly but to start: threat 2 society, roseblood,shackled, and paralysis   Are some of my favorites

What local bands or people have shaped your view on hardcore?
Jesse from Stick To Your Guns and Scott Vogel from Terror are some people I look up to as vocalist and people who use their voice and hardcore as a platform to do so.

Last words, is this world going insane?
Insane? No I think a lot of people are just waking up.