Bloodstained - Downfall Magnificat

This is the newest record from Poland's Bloodstained and if you thought their previous shit was heavy this one is just them going on steroids. Full scale neanderthal bashing rampage mode! Everything more brutal and more complex than before. You can hear they have this stuff thought out and there's a huge skill progress, but there's a good balance between emotion and technical precision. It makes me think of Kickback, All Out War, Arkangel with some old school European death metal flavor. Heavyweight division, no doubt.

There's a concept to this. The music and lyrics feed off of negative perspective on life and have much to say about dark side of human nature. All the themes revolve around humans as species fucking up big time and all the emotions the ongoing apocalypse provokes - violence, depression and disgust, all of which are feelings that most of us experience more often this year. Good stuff for getting in tune with your inner demons.