Demo Daze: Spirit Crusher - Demo 2015

Spirit Crusher outta Germany take their inspiration from NYHC, the 90s and the Straight Edge. This combination is a huge promise, but thankfully they didn't fuck it up. Vibed out hardcore with a slick riffing and sweet, intense groove, and on top of that you get vocals that really try hard to sound like classic NYC bands. If I could point any European reference, I'd say Icepick and True Blue. There are bits and pieces that could be improved, but overall that demo shows potential. I know this type of sound is THE SHIT nowadays, so I guess many of you will dig it.

You can cop it on tape here.


Download: Juggernaut - Overlooked

Juggernaut is heavy 90's influenced hardcore from Buffalo,NY. Fans of Despair, Earthmover or Strife style should give it a try.

If you ask me, that is a killer band's name and I am surprised nobody had used it before.


Download: The Worst Doubt - Demo 2015

The Worst Doubt
states Soul Search, Merauder, King Nine and Kickback as their main influence and that's enough to get me interested. Background story: the band started in 2014 and features members of Backboned, Mad At The World and Raw Justice who obviously wanted to create something heavier compared to their previous bands. The demo has 5 tracks of powerful and ruthless hardcore with the heavy twist, while gritty production only enhances the overall experience. Straight & Alert is releasing this one on tape.


Download: Deflect - Haze Of Anger Demo

Deflect plays negative, metallic hardcore that rips off Clevo sound. All the tracks on this demo are hard-hitting, filled with enough bare-bones riffs, powerful grooves and hard-edged vocals. The lyrics are bleak and raw and deal with typical Clevo subject matter, but somehow it sounds genuine and far from cheap gimmick. Generally, this demo rips and I make it my mission to find out more about this band.


Demo Daze: Reactor 4, Rapture, Harsh Reality

Reactor 4 - Demo 2014

Richmond, VA finest punk rock. Three tracks strong and all of them rip. Listening to this shit makes me wanna engage in some illegal activity.


Rapture - Trials Ep

Los Angeles new blood brings tough sounding hardcore that's vibrant and fresh, but also does not disappoint when you're looking for heavier groove. Give up and comers a chance.


Harsh Reality - Trapped

This demo slipped under my radar when it came out last year, but it is so good I am sharing this one for anyone else who's also missing out.


Demo daze: Cold Truth, The Heist, Nuke

Cold Truth - No Rules

100% hardcore/hardcore, awesome band that I'm sure we'll hear more of in the future. FFO: Backtrack, Donnybrook, Crown Of Thornz, Manipulate, No Turning Back and basically solid hardcore.


The Heist - Demonstration

Fast, aggressive old styled hardcore with mean breakdowns from somewhere in Europe, but I don't know exactly where. If you want to have this one on wax, you can cop 7" from Farewell Records here.


Nuke - W.M.D.

Metallic hardcore outta Montréal, Canada. Among the lines of Merauder and Hatebreed with some Crown Of Thrownz groove added to the mix.


Demo Daze: No Victory, Incited, Shadow Of Doubt

No Victory - Demo

Gary, Indiana is no joke and this band is testimony to this. FFO: Buried Alive, Stigmata, Blood In Blood Out...


Incited - Victim Of Reality

This demo is couple months old but I gonna post it anyway cause the amount of brute force it delivers is at sick levels.


Shadow Of Doubt - Demo

Members of Bitter End and Hardside, so you know it's banging. Juggernaut type of hardcore


Demo Daze: Dementor - Self Made

Another dope band from PA. This is their self made record, you can snatch it 100% for free from their Stereokiller page or via the link below. Raw, heavy hardcore loaded with vulgar aggression that just makes you wanna go out and fight a random guy.

PA bands always do their job when you need an alternative to a lot of the soft shit people are calling hardcore nowadays. Definitely worth checking out if you're into bands like Life After Death or King Nine. More about the band here.


Remain In Vain - Divining Gold From Fire & Ice

Here's a little Christmas present for all of ya! Ten new tracks of raging, mean and pissed off hardcore from Chula Vista's Remain In Vain. Each song is a rapid burst of force and the music sounds raw as it should, but still there's a lot of going on in these tracks from ripping speed to hard as fuck breakdowns.

I am not sure what's the story with this one, but it's been posted on 10:39 Records bandcamp some maybe they will release it on vinyl, tape or something. That would be rad, although criminal shipping rates from US will make my purchase postponed to an undetermined future anyway. Most of you probably don't give a fuck, but if you wanna support the label you have 'name your price' option and some merch on their bandcamp.


Demo Daze: Rage Cage - Sick Songs

Rage Cage is new band from Italy started with a mission to bring classic-era hardcore back to life. An inside person in the band told me the main influences are Fit of Anger , Breakdown, Outburst, Raw Deal etc. and if that's not rad I don't know what is. I am sure these dudes have hearts and minds in a right place, you can hear it in the music.

All the tunes are solid, rather fast but with good dose of heavy groove. The vocals are on point, and although I don't know exactly the lyrics, something tells me song titles like Street Invaders, Mad Dog Killer or Revenge are something I can relate to.