Short Movie: The Ellington Kid

Director Dan Sully is mostly known for his work in music videos but the guy recently teamed up with Vice for this short thriller with a bit of twisted humor. It's about two kids enjoying a meal when one of them recalls a story about some kid who got stabbed and managed to stumnle into the same shop they the due is eating. Very nicely made, and the flow of the stroy is awesome combinign both thriller and comedy elements.

Watch 'Into The Woods' Short-Movie

Into The Woods is a short horror flick that was brought to you by Downpour Creative, the same folks that made the recent Crowd Deterrent and Race Riot videos! (as well as one by Japan's Creepout!) It follows group of kids who get themselves in serious problem when they encounter a bizarre cult when out in the woods. The movie is nicely put together and with maybe not groundbreaking, but nonetheless entertaining plot. It's an enjoyable story, well developed within a very brief running time. Written by Matt Naylor & David Wilson. Directed by David Wilson.

Punk Rock House Party Volume 01: Race Riot59

Hardboiled's best of 2012

So 2012 is in the past and the world unfortunately didn’t die in pain and suffering. It was another year of great depression though, with everything about the economy being messed up, people not finding job or being underpaid and treated like shit. On the other hand, hardcore didn’t suck that much last year. I guess when times get tough, tough gets going and that’s the way to go! The music, the message, the scene – it all was here to keep you strong through these hard times. No matter how hard it got, there was always some band to tell me to quit being pussy and to get a grip.

Hardboiled Radio #4 - One Scene Unity

This edition got music from bands like Empire of Rats, Bad Advice, Soul Search, Toe to Toe, Vulgar Display, Southend, World War4, Crowd Deterrent and more. Hope everyone will like it. If you know the tunes, just play it loud and have good time. If you don’t know these bands, I encourage you to give it a listen. Playlist after the jump or open it in a pop-up window for more convenience.

Guns Up! - ‘All This Was’ Documentary

Guns Up! is streaming the entire ‘All This Was’ DVD online, which includes goodies like live shots from their last and final show, interview with the band members and other footage from their tours. Especially the live set is incredible, with great sound quality and crazy stuff going with all the stagedives and sing-alongs. The band has not been around for some time already but they obviously left their mark on the scene. Not to mention the music that still sounds powerful and honest.

Crowd Deterrent - Japan Tour 2012 Documentary

Watching recent Crowd Deterrent videos makes me think about how excited I was when I first heard Real Domain song by you know who. Everything about this style of hardcore is appealing. Crowd make some great tunes and have the ability to get their point across with great ease. They ain't taking no shit from anybody and play by their own rules. Musically, there’s always a hook to sing along with and easy-to-follow verses so I can just imagine the mayhem they cause during live shows. It's equally ignorant, provoking and violent, but they're also about staying true, respecting yourself and most of all, cheesy horror movies. This video is short documentary for band's Japan Tour 2012. Filmed by David Wilson. Produced by Downpour Creative and Crew Life. Get ignorant, bitches!

Terror - Keepers Of The Faith (Full Length Documentary)

Terror documentary “Keepers of the Faith” which the band has posted in its entirety for free streaming. Good stuff, not only for die-hard Terror fans. I believe the band does not need any introduction, but it's good if kids can see and appreciate how much effort they put in to make it work. One of - if not the - most prominent bands in hardcore right now which has not compromised its credibility and integrity. There's a lot of passion and dedication in what these guys do and it definitely shows in this video. KOTF!

D.I.Y (Short Hardcore Documentary)

A short documentary on hardcore by Asher Lloyd. Features interviews from Rotting Out, Backtrack, Cornered, Ceremony, Broken Teeth and V Revolution. The author is currently working on a full length feature, this is just a taste.

HardBoiled Scene Report vol. 1

We’re proud to present you the first Hardboiled mixtape which we have compiled with the help of few friends from various labels and bands that were so cool to let us use their music. It might has taken us a while to get this volume one published, but here it is! The overall idea is that you can download it for free and enjoy music from bands that have more or less recently put out good hardcore albums. These are bands that we totally support and believe they represent what hardcore should be about. From the kids, to the kids.


Download the compilation HERE (Mediafire).



The plan is that it will be followed by next digital releases so the kids know what’s going on in the scene. This issue has bands from Europe and USA mainly, but we would be happy to feature acts from Asia, Africa or South America. If you want to take part in the next release, get in touch now!

The track list is as follows:

01. Step Aside - Intro - Mind In A Maze
02. Provider – Wasteland
03. Animal Instinct - What´s Your Name Again
04. King Of Clubz - Society's Prey
05. Represent - Intervention
06. Providence - Vengeance Over Victory
07. Show Of Force - Left Behind
08. Truth In Needles - Against The Grain
09. Brawl - Stand Up Fight Back
10. Bloodstained - Unfilled
11. In Clear Sight - Struggle For Life
12. Represent - Sad State of Affairs
13. Bitter Taste Of Life - Ill Intent
14. Losin' It - Fuck Off
15. Sawchuk - Torn Apart/img/blank.gif
16. State of Mind - Modern Eyes
17. Bloodshed Remains - Countdown
18. Truth In Needles - Pure Hate
19. Cast Iron Jaw - How I See The Worldh
20. Wolf City - Cross Roads
21. Blame It On The Ocean - Fall Depression

Thanks to the following labels: Ratel Records, BadAss Records, Clenched Fist Records, Take It Back, Seventh Dagger, Life To Live, Irish Voodoo.