Video: Hardside - Timebomb

This Texas crew has been turning a lot of heads since their debut ep Welcome To Hell. Heavy, rough sounding hardcore fronted by gritty as the gravel vocals that could make likes of Merauder or Hatebreed proud, while puting their own twist on the proven formula with an occasional use of clean vocals. Usually my reaction would be 'what the fuck?', but somehow they pull it off. Seriously. No way it makes them look soft. In contrary, it only makes the hard parts sound harder and overall gives the music more depth than your average band in this weight category.

This new cut is a fucking monster, with band going at it real hardcore. The track comes with a tight groove and great riffing that gives it lots of dynamics, somewhere in the middle the fast part is straight up head-banging thrash and it all ends with a killer mosh part. It sounds like they really wanted to tap into new territories while maintaining that raw hardcore edge. All with a great effect. The new record will drop end of July, 'The Madness', BDHW Recs.

Video: Wisdom In Chains - When We Were Young

Wisdom In Chains, the band responsible for some of my all time favorite hardcore tunes. This is a type of band you will never most likely find yourself get tired of. Unconcerned about trends and fads, they always keep their standards high even if I dig some of their albums more than other.

This video is for When We Were Young which for me is a highlight of their recent album, hard-hitting hardcore with a healthy dose of nostalgia. That is the type of stuff I want to hear.

Video: Agnostic Front - Old New York

My understanding is that hipster fucked up New York for good. God damn. I don't know. I really don't know if I could hate these people even more.

Video: Higher Power - Higher Power

Really dope track and video, I gotta check out more about this band.

New Video: Race Riot 59 - The Lost One

New track and video from Race Riot 59 which pays tribute to the friend they've lost.

Classic Shit: Kickback - Forever war

Paris, filthy Paris... I have no idea what's the story behind this clip, but some of the dance parts are fucking awkward. I can't even figure out if it's on purpose or not. I guess nowadays you can shot a better video with your phone, but back in the days it wasn't so easy Anyway, this is a classic tune in a true meaning of the world.

ViDEO: Agnostic Front - A Wise Man

This video has been already all over hardcore side of Internet, but in celebration of the best AF album in years, I gonna share it anyway.

Point Blank at Southeast Beast 2015

I'm still trying to figure out what's the point of watching live footage of hardcore show you haven't even been to. If I could only see myself doing any type of crazy stuff in there, like getting punched in the face or jumped on, that would make more sense.

Video: Crowned Kings - Enemy

This track is probably their best stuff to date. This, and the fact that Dre Stewart from the Donnybrook is submitting guest vocals, makes me seriously consider checking out their new album (Demons Run Amok). I did an interview with this band back in 2010.

New Hate5six videos

Watching new videos done by these dudes makes me think I don't need to go to shows anymore. Just gonna kick back with potato chips, relax and enjoy the show. There's been a huge update on their site lately. Check out what else they got here, apart from Bitter End video above other footage include Foundation, Death Threat, Suburban Scum and more.