Video: Bad Attitude - Usurped

Quality track from Bad Attitude.

Video: Life After Death - Friends Fade, Enemies Stay

Catch pre-orders of the new album here.

Video: No Turning Back - Together

Stick to what you believe is right and suppress the naysayers.

Video: Knuckledust - Humanity's Nightmare

Knuckledust is back at it again giving us an injection of pure, unfiltered hardcore with some heavy thoughts on today's politics and how democracy is shit cause most people are idiots. This is one of the hardest tracks on their recent album but you gotta blast this shit loud as fuck to get the desired effect.

Video: Knuckledust - Life Struggle

This video has a deep existential element to it which you might find interesting if you struggle with your inner demons. For those not interested in soul searching there are also some cool special effects when this dude is fighting his doppelganger and it's made so well you actually believe it. Top notch stuff. The track is banging, but this is Knuckledust so it should go without saying. Check out new album, Reclaiming The Crown (which is by the way the second GSR release by that title).

Video: World Be Free - Shake the Ghost

Credit list for this release goes like that: Scott Vogel (Terror/Buried Alive), Joe Garlipp (Despair), Andrew Kline (Strife) and Sammy Siegler (Judge/CIV/Rival Schools) and Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits). These dudes guarantee many different hardcore flavors are represented, but all in all it's all about that stripped down old tyme sound. Get more info here.

Video: Terror - Trust No Face

This is new one from Terror, from the new album. Pretty dope live video, cool track, let's hope the new album delivers few more bangers like this one.

Sorry for lack of updates lately, recent days have been a struggle with all the usual bullshit of life.

Video: Relentless - Blue Rage

Police brutality is obviously a global problem, and as reported in this track by Relentless, in Australia pigs are as same as anywhere else - annoying, dumb and eager to hand you a solid beatdown for no serious reason.

Relentless will drop new LP 'Price Of Pain' on September 18th via Resist Records.

Video: Hardside - Timebomb

This Texas crew has been turning a lot of heads since their debut ep Welcome To Hell. Heavy, rough sounding hardcore fronted by gritty as the gravel vocals that could make likes of Merauder or Hatebreed proud, while puting their own twist on the proven formula with an occasional use of clean vocals. Usually my reaction would be 'what the fuck?', but somehow they pull it off. Seriously. No way it makes them look soft. In contrary, it only makes the hard parts sound harder and overall gives the music more depth than your average band in this weight category.

This new cut is a fucking monster, with band going at it real hardcore. The track comes with a tight groove and great riffing that gives it lots of dynamics, somewhere in the middle the fast part is straight up head-banging thrash and it all ends with a killer mosh part. It sounds like they really wanted to tap into new territories while maintaining that raw hardcore edge. All with a great effect. The new record will drop end of July, 'The Madness', BDHW Recs.

Video: Wisdom In Chains - When We Were Young

Wisdom In Chains, the band responsible for some of my all time favorite hardcore tunes. This is a type of band you will never most likely find yourself get tired of. Unconcerned about trends and fads, they always keep their standards high even if I dig some of their albums more than other.

This video is for When We Were Young which for me is a highlight of their recent album, hard-hitting hardcore with a healthy dose of nostalgia. That is the type of stuff I want to hear.