Video: Borstal - Vicious Circles

Taken from BORSTAL'S debut EP 'AT HER MAJESTY'S PLEASURE' to be released on April 1st 2021 via 4 FAMILY RECORDS

Borstal is a collabo between Pierre Knuckledust/Bun Dem Out and drummer of Brujeria, Cradle Of Filth and some other metal bands I don't really care about. The rest of the squad is taken from Dripback and King of Pigs. The upcoming album will feature King Of The Jungle by Last Resort cover. Oi!

2020 can go to hell (Best of)

2020 was wack. It started being wack one day in January, followed by another wack day, and then by 365 more. If your name not Bezos, you can relate. As far as hardcore, the scene has seen better days but I had no problem coming up with a few rippers. The list below proves that even in a dry year, you can still find some legit gems.

Here’s my top of 2020 (spoiler: no Higher Power):

The best: Pain Of Truth - No Blame... Just Facts

It was a blessing to get this ep at the tail end of 2020 to wrap up this fucked up year feeling strong and undefeated. At least that’s how I feel listening to this heavy ass record.

Second best: Mindforce - Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords.

Mindforce never disappoints.

Best split record: Out For Justice / Sector - This Thing Of Ours

No lie, ever since I came across Out For Justice bandcamp I knew this split was gonna be in your face gutter hardcore.

Most vicious: Criminal Instinct - Skull Fucked

It’s just two tracks on digital release but both are sure to get your ass stomped.

Best groove: Three Knee Deep - Three Knee Deep

A record that should not be missed, this album delivers some of the best grooved out rap core of 2020.

Best NYHC: Big Cheese - Punishment Park

Brightside-era Killing Time meets 90' Madball by way of Backtrack (review)

Best rap album: Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist - Alfredo

It was alright, won only because the competition was not that great.

Best Reissue: One Second Thought - Queens Style 1995 - 1999

FWH did a great job combining everything from these Queens heavyweights into a nicely put together digipack.

Second best reissue: Sunrise - Generation Of Sleepwalkers

I never had any strong feeling about Sunrise back in the day, but this album deserved vinyl treatment.

Interview: No Saving Grace

Photo credit: Jetro Staven.

No Saving Grace caught my attention with the recent two-track digital release: Private Hell and Shadow. Both tunes absolutely knock. If you're into heavy ass beatdown hardcore but without all the drama and posturing look no more. It's just two songs but the band does not miss a step musically or lyrically. Honest, down to earth lyrics backed by a bone-crushing groove plucked straight from 90' beatdown heyday. Check out the interview below, check the new tunes and check their back catalog, the band has been steadily putting out records since 2014.

Could you please introduce No Saving Grace and give us some history of the band? I be honest, although you’ve been around for a couple years already, it’s just now that I got to learn about the band.
NSG have been around since 2013 but released our first demo in 2014 due to a lot of line up changes. Since then we have put out EPs, demos, played a bunch of shows in the UK/Germany/Finland etc and recently put out a promo tape on Moral Panic Records. I guess one the main reasons we have been flying under the radar so much is because we come from a smaller town in northern Europe without any big label promoting us and haven’t been touring nearly as much as we should. We’re still grinding as a band though and plan to put out an album as our next move.

There’s no money, no glory, no fame, so why start a hardcore band?
I think for most people it’s the love of the music and the energy you get from playing hardcore shows can be really addictive. For me it’s both of those reasons but also I got a lot of shit I wanna vent about and having a band where I can write lyrics about that stuff and having people relate to it is really important to me. Plus the love you get from the hardcore scene is huge.

Review: Big Cheese - Punishment Park

Man I heard this record a few months ago already but it’s just now that I own a copy. Had to sell my TV to get this one but I have no regrets, bumping that shit on my second hand stereo is the greatest feeling ever. This album is my last year’s top ten no doubt and probably one of the finest hardcore in Europe in recent times. The intensity and the way it flows make me feel like Punishment Park could be a zenith for the UKHC scene that’s been taking over for the last few years. It’s a well thought out NYHC mayhem, think Brightside-era Killing Time meets 90' Madball by way of Backtrack. That style never gets tired.

This much I know: if you dig the band's previous stuff, you’ll love this one cause it’s even better. But if you’ve got no clue what Big Cheese is about and having read to this point you’re still wondering if I recommend it, the answer is yes.

Dope lyrics: Too rapacious to impart and never with a heavy heart / Keep the knowledge to yourself and the secrets to your wealth / The glimmering of your riches, whilst we’re all dying in ditches / You climb the tower to the sun but you’re the only one.

Video: Chains of Misery - Shackled


Chains of Misery 2020, fuck covid, fuck Trump, fuck Biden, it’s time to face the fucking truth

We are all…. Shackled.

in these chains, these chains of misery
in these chains, these chains of misery

Bloodstained - Downfall Magnificat

This is the newest record from Poland's Bloodstained and if you thought their previous shit was heavy this one is just them going on steroids. Full scale neanderthal bashing rampage mode! Everything more brutal and more complex than before. You can hear they have this stuff thought out and there's a huge skill progress, but there's a good balance between emotion and technical precision. It makes me think of Kickback, All Out War, Arkangel with some old school European death metal flavor. Heavyweight division, no doubt.

There's a concept to this. The music and lyrics feed off of negative perspective on life and have much to say about dark side of human nature. All the themes revolve around humans as species fucking up big time and all the emotions the ongoing apocalypse provokes - violence, depression and disgust, all of which are feelings that most of us experience more often this year. Good stuff for getting in tune with your inner demons.

Video: Embitter - Echoes

Embitter: First single off the debut Embitter full length '1134', released on The Coming Strife Records.

Interview: On Sight

Credit: Steven Pendini

Could you please introduce On Sight and give us some history of the band?
On sight started in 2016 most of us grew up together while those who didn’t years of music has brought us together.

Were you in any bands before?
Doug and Darren played in a few local projects before On Sight but I know Edgar and Dante played in a solid njhc band KNUCKLE UP!

Video: Rebelmatic - Insult to Injury

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Criminal Instinct - Skull Fucked

Terrible Things was THE shit and now this little gem drops showing these dudes are still at the top of the game. This is just 2 tracks clocking in just over 1 minute in total and on both of them the band is in full fuck this mode. This little piece of total annihilation of societal norms and over-the-top ultraviolence should be saluted!