Demo daze: Combat Shock - Sacrifice

Russia hardcore still lives! On their facebook I see the band wearing Leeway and OLC t-shirts so I knew this is going to be legit. Old school crossover ffo Foreseen, Power Play, Leeway and so on. There are 4 tracks in here and all of them are pretty damned incredible with all the necessary components from tight riffing to solid section. This is cool ass demo that makes me want to dig deeper into what's going on in Russian hardcore nowadays.


Demo Daze: Fuse - Demo 2017

Fuse are 5 ladies outta Singapur and they're killing the classic hc/punk sound on this demo. Each tracks delivers the right combination of stomp, power and anger. Take my word for it, if they continue to deliver that good stuff we'll be hearing a lot about this band in the future.


Demo Daze: Dead Heat, Territory, Badwill

Territory - Blackhole Blues Demo

Tucson, Arizona heavyweights back with 3 new tracks that scream 90' metalcore. If that style is your shit you need to give it a try. Sheer Terror cover is a bonus.


Badwill - Мы Те, Кто Мы Есть

This one is from the other side of iron curtain. Tough as nails music with heavy grooves and vocals that don't fuck around. Only one track is sung in English, the rest is in Russian.


Dead Heat - Access Denied/ S​.​E​.​E​.​D.

2 tracks of musical punishment filled with classic uncut raw that brings to mind likes of Merauder or Leeway. Metallic hardcore hasn't sounded so good in a while.


Demo Daze: Existence, Black Palate, Soulless, Guilt Ritual

Existence - Demo of 2016

Four dudes from Sweden come ripping on this very first demo of Existence. Pissed off hardcore with a massive stomp and slick metallic riffs. And the vocals.. god damn it, dude sounds like he got some serious problems. Everyone who hates the world should listen to this one.

Lightning rushing through
I can’t control myself
A thousand eyes staring
But I can’t run away
I can’t hide, I can’t run away
Making my way through a world that’s not for me


Black Palate - Demo 2016

The sun rises in the east! Grim but hard-hitting hardcore from Poland that should get attention from everyone into darker side of core. This is actually not bad and I am definitely looking forward to checking out that 5 track CD due out on Mark My Words Records.

Blind to injustice, dumb and weak
Wandering through life, toofuckin’ fast,
Worthless, pointless
To forget who I am, who I was and who I wanted to be


Soulless - The Gods Will Be Overthrown

Godless metallic hardcore from Melbourne, Australia.

Eternal Sleep, the sky weakens.
Eternal Sleep, struggling
Eternal Sleep to survive,
Eternal Sleep these thoughts.


Guilt Ritual - Cured of Life

Raw, gritty hardcore from US with stomp and attitude.


Download: Rising - Demo 2016

Odessa hardcore in full effect! This demo is a raw, bitter, and loveless hardcore soaked in 90' metalcore nostalgia. Fat riffing upon menacing, heavy vibe with insane vocals on top of it all. One of the hardest shit I've heard recently.


Download: Penitentiary - Demo 2016

Hard-hitting hardcore from Indiana with members of Blood In Blood Out, Choking on Reality, Blackwater, and Shut the Fuck Up.

We'll be printing cds and tapes of the demo within the next month. Filled With Hate records will also have copies to purchase as well in the near future.


Download: Nation Of Wolves - Demo

This demo came out couple of months ago but I think many of you have been sleeping on it. Not only the band's name is cool but the music is like they grew up on old Agnostic Front, Breakdown or Killing Time. Total NYHC worship from West Chester, Pennsylvania, even vocals sound like Jeff Perlin. Arrogant, antisocial hardcore to annoy your girlfriend and offend the the neighbors. Not a lot here to not like.


Heavy Runner - Demo 2015

Not much been happening on the blog lately, mostly due to me being lazy and having better things to do. I guess I needed something special to break the silence and it came in a form of this slick demo by Poland's Heavy Runner. The band took their name from Stout song which means these dudes are for real. Heavy, punishing and rough hardcore with tons of mid-tempo action. These tracks show potential and I am definitely looking forward to hear more from them.

Download: Eyes Of Societ - Demo 2015

Not much is known about Eyes Of Society. A new band from Ohio, with members of Crowd Deterrent, but I have no clue know who exactly cause they are playing under nicknames like Assault, Dusty or Gorefather. All I know is that Samoan Rob is doing guest vocals on the Eyes Of Society track: 'Day after day there is no escape from their gaze, Staring into your soul THEY SEE ALL, Fighting to survive they see your struggle and your pain, you try to hide but they still see... WATCHING, JUDGING... EYES OF SOCIETY.' Pretty straight up antisocial stuff lyrically that gets my stamp of approval on the spot. As far as the music goes, it's a rough mix of hardcore and old school metal, which kind of reminds me of Darkside NYC or Neglect.


Demo Daze: Outlaw - Demo

This shit sounds raw even for a demo standards. I imagine some spoiled pussies might give it a pass, but every real dude looking for some new hard-hitting hardcore will surely appreciate the music and attitude that Outlaw delivers. The band is from Slovakia but the music sounds American as fuck. There’s no polish to these tracks, but the band shows potential and with few tweaks they will be able do that grimey hardcore with the best of them. The vocals sound like the dude is ready to deliver some serious ass kicking to just anyone in his way. Good look for Slovakia to have some new blood in hardcore, it's been a while since I've heard a quality hardcore from that country.