New Blood: Wolfdog

Another band from Brazil that proves the scene over there is definitely in the right place. Wolfdog hails from Sao Paulo and plays aggressive hardcore with NYHC influences. Every band that aims to recreate the same spirit as the one on classic Warzone, Agnostic Front or Breakdown albums gets nothing but love on this blog. Here's an interview with Felipe who plays guitar in Wolfdog.

New Blood: Piece Keeper - Baltimore Hardcore

Another band from Baltimore you should check out. If Stout and Next Step Up is your type of hardcore, I advise you to visit band's bandcamp and check their recent split with Grit cause both acts brought some 100% hard-hitters to the table. Here's an interview with Piece Keeper's vocalist, Johnny.

New Blood: Wilful Damage

Here's an interview with Hayden, vocalist of Brisbane, Australia-based band Wilful Damage. Check out their debut demo (link below) if you're into tough and hard-hitting hardcore. Ffo: Hatebreed, Death Before Dishonor, Terror...

New Blood: Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude is a new band from Leeuwarden (Netherlands) area with members of Cornered, Pantah and 0fight8 with a mission to go back in time with their sound. Their first demo is filled with raging, in your face hardcore that kids in 80' and early 90' used to mosh to. If you dig this style, check this out!

New Blood: Miss My Chance

Miss My Chance is a new blood from Long Island, NY. They caught my attention when they dropped If & When ep earlier this year. It's just two tracks but they both rip with anger and a vicious delivery. Hard vocals over powerful riffs and tight drums is a no-brainer, but this band managed to pull this one off. Show these dudes some support, check out the interview.

New Blood: Reapers Path

Heavy ass hardcore from Kiel / Schleswig area of Germany. I have posted their demo for download some time ago so check it out here if you haven't already. Fans of Shattered Realm, Merauder and Cold World should be on the lookout!

New Blood: To The Test

To The Test is five young dudes from Eastern-Netherlands who have playing together since 2007. Give support to up and coming band, read the interview, check out their video and make sure you go to their show when they play in your area!

New Blood: The Only Way

The Only Way is a really cool band from Brazil ran by dudes who believe in straight edge and a positive change that hardcore can make. First of all, I like the band because their music is powerful and vibrant and I am sure lot more kids should give em a try. And secondly, I dig their lyrics because they talk about important things but have that down to earth attitude that separates being cool from preaching. Anyway, read the interview, listen to their demos and keep an eye on Brazilian scene in general!

New Blood: Disapproval

Dissaproval hails from Southern California and has cought my attention with their debut ep, El Monte Youth Authorite. It delivers five hard-ass tunes played the way it should be - straight to the point and nothing too much intelectual. Check out short interview with the band.

New Blood: Hollow Truth

Hollow Truth from Dublin brings all the good elements of thrash and hardcore, which results in nothing but a crushing crossover sound that brings to mind a mix of Cro-Mags and Metallica. I have recently posted their demo and judging by the number of downloads, kids dig this stuff. So, check out the interview with the dudes while listening to the demo. And if they’re ever playing show in your area, make sure you show your support!