Review: Cornered - Failure

Hardcore is not about bands trying to reinvent themselves every other year. I rather see them focus on sharpening the same formula and just being good at it. Picture Cornered. I could guess what Failure would sound like even before pressing play, but it didn't take anything away from the excitement of finally hearing this stuff. This is nothing that will be new to anyone who has been following the band so far, but the ep is nastily effective. You know what to expect and you get what you paid for.

Clocking in less than 9 minutes in total, there’s no half-ass track on this record. It boils with aggression and infectious energy that is rarely displayed by hardcore bands over a decade in the game. Self-reflecting and almost melancholic Realms of Misery gotta be my favorite track, the creative guitar work gives this one some space while vocalist Niels attacks the lyrics with both anger and frustration. The feeling of failure is something that all of us can experience even more often in the current political and economic situation. The record’s title gives away much of its subject matter and hearing other people going through the same shit as you can be somehow therapeutic.Give it a try.

Speaking of Niels, this man has a real flair for writing smart yet disturbing lyrics, and generally for scaring an audience with his psychopathic and predatory delivery. No doubt he knows his way around some shady corners of the human mind. He sounds like the same voices that whisper to him all these disturbing visions also tell him to beat up random fools for no reason. Do not cross this man!

Like I said, on Failure the band sounds on point and the energy they bring to each track is undeniable. I recommend everyone check it out.

Blindsided Records, 2021

Review: Pain Of Truth - No Blame Just Facts

This was my favorite album of 2020 so it’s only right I give it a proper review. No lie, it’s already 2021 and I am still bumping this fucking album on repeat. I did not expect that record to blow me away like this but Pain Of Truth came hard and knocked down the buildings with this ep. Check this out - every track has someone doing guest vocals. And we’re talking who is who in current heavy hardcore. So, lending their voices are dudes you might know from King Nine, Rude Awakening, Billy Club Sandwich and even Year Of The Knife. This is epic of Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment proportions. It's cool that every guest adds their unique flavor but somehow they never take the center stage or steal the show from the band.

Sharp, down-to-earth lyrics are the star, the major key. Michael (Hangman, Victory Garden) is pouring his heart out on everything wrong with society today, be it fakes, backstabbers, or whatever. I can relate to lyrics like the dude was my brother.

No Blame Just Facts has all the crucial elements of a must-listen: heavy, aggression-laden hardcore carrying the take-no-shit attitude alongside a heavy dose of groove and some healthy variation in every track. Old timers will definitely sense a strong Fury Of V, Bulldoze or Madball vibe. For the younger cats I’d say give it a try if you need more of that Cold World or Three Knee Deep vibe. All in all, this is the stuff everybody loves when it’s done right. And if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?

Ratel (Europe) / Daze (US), 2020

Review: Cold As Life - Demos 95-97

This is the time of making things no one asked for. The vinyl hype means a lot of stuff will be released on wax because there will always be an idiot like me who will buy it. Take this one for example. I can’t find any logic in putting tape demos on vinyl. There were so many other options to make these tracks available to the masses. Brand new tape version? Corny but acceptable. CD? More like it. Vinyl? Only if you do it right. I be most polite about it, but this one fell short of my expectations. Nobody bought it for sound quality values, but outside of music this record itself feels damn cheap. No effort was made about the packaging, my copy didn’t even have any insert, lyrics or any other extra shit. I'm not even mad. I'm mostly confused.

Cold As Life has been a band that I fucks with heavily since when I first discovered them and from then till now all of their stuff never tires me. A living proof that when people with a small budget and not much of a clue but who are driven and angry get together, magic can happen. 95 and 97 demos are the missing link between ‘1988 - 1993’ compilation and Born To Land Hard album. A transition period when Jeff Gunnells took over vocal duties after the original vocalist Rawn Beauty was shot in cold blood in his sleep in 1993 by his roommate Richard Werstine. Luckily they replaced one rage-filled lunatic with another.

Both demos mark the stylistic shift from destructopunk of the Rawn era to heavier metal-tingled hardcore. Born To Land Hard summed up 10 years of writing music and many of the tracks can be traced back to Rawn era. Going through all the band’s demos you can follow the evolution of songs like Terror Zone or Ten 'Till Midnight from the late 80’s over an entire decade to 1999 when the band's massive debut dropped (one of the greatest hardcore albums of all time).

All in all, despite the shady quality of this release, no doubt I would cop this album again, because contrary to mainstream economic theory, consumers don’t make rational decisions.

Backside Records, 2020

Bonus: Cold As Life with Rawn singing recorded at Todd's in Detroit, early 90':

Review: Big Cheese - Punishment Park

Man I heard this record a few months ago already but it’s just now that I own a copy. Had to sell my TV to get this one but I have no regrets, bumping that shit on my second hand stereo is the greatest feeling ever. This album is my last year’s top ten no doubt and probably one of the finest hardcore in Europe in recent times. The intensity and the way it flows make me feel like Punishment Park could be a zenith for the UKHC scene that’s been taking over for the last few years. It’s a well thought out NYHC mayhem, think Brightside-era Killing Time meets 90' Madball by way of Backtrack. That style never gets tired.

This much I know: if you dig the band's previous stuff, you’ll love this one cause it’s even better. But if you’ve got no clue what Big Cheese is about and having read to this point you’re still wondering if I recommend it, the answer is yes.

Dope lyrics: Too rapacious to impart and never with a heavy heart / Keep the knowledge to yourself and the secrets to your wealth / The glimmering of your riches, whilst we’re all dying in ditches / You climb the tower to the sun but you’re the only one.

Review: Regulate - In the Promise of Another Tomorrow

It came out in 2018 but finally got my dirty hands on this gem. Seeing all the hype about this release it's obvious the band has made a name for itself and I am not surprised at all. I remember listening to Years Of Rage thinking that stuff was dope, but In the Promise is a certified level up. The sound is so crunchy and the vocals deliver mad crazy flow. Dude sounds nothing like whoever. At first, it took me some time to get used to his vocal tone, but he shows character and attitude in his delivery that eventually got me hooked. The band is insanely talented as they work with that in-your-face hardcore formula but add layers of various flavors without overcomplicating shit. It's a gift! Almost all the songs are short and sweet yet there's a depth to it you wouldn't expect at first listen. I lose my shit listening to tracks like 11 33 or Wrong Side Of History. Powerful and angry stuff. And I was totally not ready for Character Arc, a complete change of pace and vibe into more melodic territory with clean singing and shit. Skip all the other bullshit and check this record out. It stays with you!

Edgewood Records, 2018

Review: Heavy Runner - Life Music

If Poland’s contribution to hardcore in 2019 could be summed up in one album, this would be the one. Heavy Runner is the rarest of beast: tough as nails but fun. Life Music sounds like a tribute to glory days of beatdown and certainly captures zeitgeist of 90' Baltimore hardcore by the way of Stout and Next Step Up. Some extra Rucktion/Ninebar flavor here and there to boost up the craziness, while the vocals vibe like this guy received spiritual guidance from DMX himself. Get at me dog!

The chemistry between the band members is amazing and everybody is doing their part while vocals spit out some truthful lyrics that appeal to both sides of the brain. The backing gruffy vocals add some counter balance to swagged out lead singer. To some this music might appear too simple or even basic, yet beneath the surface, a lot of work was done to make these tracks pop. There is an art to being simple so fuck people who think that way.

Probably the best part of this album is that they don't take it too seriously. It's all positive and full of healthy mental content even when they deal with some shitty subject matter. And don't get me wrong, they walk a thin line but there's never anything goofy or gimmick about it. No doubt this no-fucks-given attitude and survivor mentality is the main source of electricity in this album.

Heavy Runner delivers some of the best hardcore of recent memory and Life Music is already included in my top 10 of 2019. Good stuff to annoy your girlfriend, offend your parents and upset the neighbors. Keep your shit the hardest!

Ratel / Ugly&Proud 2019

Review: Day By Day - Nowhere To Run

Between me and you, after first listen I thought this record does not make any sense and I want my money back. I bought that lp because of the hype and I felt like a fool. The cover art sill looked cool thought so decided just to keep it, and since I spent my hard earned money on that crap, thought I'd give it a second chance. And a third. And couple more.... and I finally began to realize I was wrong. Nowhere To Run is fire! Day By Day hacks back to glory days of metallic hardcore made by the likes of Stigmata, Dmize or Declination-era Cold As Life. Not crazy heavy, but heavier than Madball. I could be wrong but the vocals remind me a lot of some European metalcore bands like Kickback or Out For The Count. By that I mean high pitched screams that always take me a while to get used to.

On the lyrical front, Nowhere To Run is about the pain and the struggle in a world full of shitty people doing shitty things. But not that 'let me remind you to feel bad' vibe, it's more about dealing with adversity and standing your ground. And there's a mandatory salute to the local scene with SFLHC. Pain and glory - if that's not what hardcore is about than what is? Pretty sure this dude has not done any poetry class because it's all written in a straight forward, almost naive manner, but if that's your problem that means you're on the wrong blog.

All in all, Nowhere to Run come of as fresh and innovative, and there's a sense of menace and urgency once you catch the vibe of it. It took me a while, but I don't regret giving it a second chance.

Eighty Sixed Records' 2018

Review: Mindforce ‎– Excalibur

Stoked I finally got the chance to cop this record. The first pressing of Excalibur sold out before I even had a chance to snatch it. It seems they didn't anticipate it to get that much attention. For sure No Echo review did help, but the truth is this music is so great the band totally deserves all the love they're getting. Second press on clear vinyl, but I am not a record nerd so I don't even care. In it for the music first and foremost. To my point, after the demo and Dead Heat split I knew Mindforce had a real chance to melt the entire hardcore scene with the debut full length album. And that is what they did.

After the short intro the meat of the record kicks off, which ends up being 20+ minutes of reckless onslaught of crossover mayhem. The song writing is excellent and the overall vibe is straight out of 80' golden era crossover. The record is well thought out and never loses its consistency. The riffing on tracks like Senseless Act or Fangs Of Time is insane and the drums and bass kill it. The vocals are of that type of made to creep into the subconscious and alter the mind. Both in substance and delivery. This dude has been blessed with one of the sickest vocals in the game right now and is putting that gift to the right use. Man, read the lyrics, some slick and clever stuff! The production is fat to death but still, this is a record for kids who like their hardcore dirty and grimy.

Like every other cool kid in 2019 I love bands blending thrash and hardcore. No doubt next to Power Trip this is the best you can get. And while Texans are leaning more and more into metal side, with Mindforce the main focus is on hardcore and that works for me. It's a great feeling when one of your most anticipated albums turns out to be just as good as your hopes for it.

Triple-B Records, 2018

Review: Probation – Fucked By Life

This record has a super negative vibe, questionable songwriting and absolutely no finesse when it comes to the track titles and lyrics. You can't take too seriously a record with that title and lyrics like 'life sucks, kill yourself'. I can sense this dude is going over the edge but the way he puts it to words lacks any depth or weight. If I was to put my life experiences into a song it would sound something like that, but that’s the reason I don’t write lyrics.

Musically, some of the songs are ass but there are moments when they shine, but getting to that good stuff will have you digging through a lot of unnecessary crap. The more straight forward parts are ok, basically the faster the more it is to my taste. But all the sludgy and weird elements, man, they need to go! It only overcomplicates stuff when there's no need for that. Overall, to me it's a record with too many dysfunctional parts that were supposed to be amusing but just aren't. To end on a positive note, the cover artwork looks sick so this album stays on the shelf anyway!

WTF Records, 2018

Review: Scarboro - Wolves on the Radio

Scarboro is a NY based punk rock band with a sound that is both aggressive and melodic. Wolves... is pretty good, mid-tempo music that didn't hook me at the start but after a couple of listens, I was sold. My fav must be Another Day. That track isn't an obvious choice as it lacks catchy gang vocals and is on the almost melancholic vibe, but somehow I can sense there's more depth to it than I initially gave it credit for. It just resonates with my soft side, almost making this cold heart of mine melt. It's OK for a man to cry, as long as it's manly tears though! The lyrics are on the personal note and mostly about trying to get by without losing your sanity. I can relate to a lot of it and reading the lyrics I can sense this dude needed to get this shit off his chest. The recording has a raw edge to it but it works just fine for this type of music. If you like it catchy, mid-tempo punk with down to earth attitude you’d better get on this!

WTF Records, 2018

Review: Eisberg - Few Will Remain

Eisberg is a name I've heard being thrown around but never really got to hear their sound until now. And straight off the bat, Few Will Remain is a blast. This album has seven tracks and they go hard on all of them. With the first beat of the opening track, Enough Is Enough, I was drawn in by the vibe and energy the band delivers. The record is a NYHC-styled stomper that people into bands like Risk It! or No Turning Back should dig.

Less than twenty minutes in total, the album moves at a brisk pace and doesn’t take any long pauses between action, which works just fine for me. I’m not saying this is super fast, I’d say it’s fast-mid-tempo to fast-tempo mostly. And yes, there’s a lot of chugging grooves everybody likes to get down to.

Check this record out. It’s pretty damned good. Every track is strong and there seems to be a legit mindset and spirit behind the band.

BDHW, 2018

Review: Coldstare - Bounce Back

Cold Stare are four dudes from Belgium playing hardcore that sounds like Something's Gotta Give and Scratch The Surface put together. The vibe, the sound, even damn vocals all scream NYHC. And yeah, I forgot the lyrics. They scream NYHC too. Expect some heavy-ass testosterone injection as they drop tales of pride, brotherhood, betrayal and everything in between. These have been recurring themes since the beginning of hardcore but as long as human beings are fake, irrational and self-destructive, it's all valid topics to explore. Nothing to make you rethink your existence, but who knows? Maybe being down for the crew is the stuff that's been missing in your life? Read that shit and try to apply these principles in your daily life.

The title track is a personal favorite of mine for its positive vibe and good use of gang vocals. Time To Prove is another one I wouldn’t skip. Short yet dope track.

I would give it much higher rating but at times I felt it was longer than it needed to be. Not that they overcomplicate things, it’s just in the second half of the album there are moments when things start to drag a bit. But it doesn’t take away that this is a cool ass record that does a lot of what I like in hardcore.

Like I said, in many ways, the album is a blatant homage to old Agnostic Front Madball and so on, but there's nothing wrong with that. It’s a basic premise executed well. If you haven't heard it yet, do get on that.

WTF, 2018

Review: Peace Of Mind - Penance

Peace Of Mind rep Germany, one of the strongest scenes in Europe, and this is their newest baby. Penance is 12-track strong and delivers heavy-ass hardcore with a healthy dose of thrash vibe that is so hyped in the scene right now. Musically, it's alright. Nothing that stands out in the current hardcore state of the art, but nothing they should be ashamed of neither. Listening to some of the riffs it's clear the band handles their shit like a pros, but because the head-turning moments are so few the music gets bland at times. Nonetheless, you can hear they put some effort, skills and heart into these tracks.

The vocals are whatever, took me a while to get used to but I give'em a pass. To be honest, every time there are guest vocals on some track I think how much better this record would sound if they went for more harsh delivery instead of high-pitched screams that remind me of that First Blood guy. I hate this style of singing. Even worse, I am not an expert but there's probably a heavy dose of studio engineering needed to make the human voice sound like that which kills any human emotions the singing should convey. As a default, more Jeff Perlin less Carl Schwartz on the vocals is always right.

Some harsh words have been said here, but fuck that review and check for yourself cause chances are you're gonna like at least part of it.

Dead Serious Records, 2018

Review: Sheer Terror - Pall In The Family

Man, you can’t teach that stuff! I have zero expectations for new albums by bands older than myself but turns out Sheer Terror can still distill their gritty NY style into a killer record. Pall In The Family takes the golden era of hardcore / punk / crossover music, twists it all up and makes it relevant for modern times. I shit you not, it is about as close as a return to form you will get from the band. The record has some of the same emotional impact as their prime material, and the music on here is dope as shit.

If you know Sheer Terror you know Paul is a certified maniac. This guy got no respect for nothing or nobody. Yet, there’s no faking the funk. Part of his genius is because how he’s so down-to-earth in his delivery and subject matter. It's hatecore at its best but these dudes don't walk around like criminals or flex like big gorillas. Paul takes everyday life and puts it to a song and makes it sound deep and interesting. The lyrics are super big on attitude but even if he’s making a joke, you can really feel both the pain and irony in his voice. Take for example The Moon's Gone Out, the first track on the album, which deals with divorce and women who don’t act civilized. Females can bring out the best and worst in men and you get both in one song. Another highlight is Get Me Off This Rock where Paul trades verses with Choke, which is a match made in hardcore heaven.

Like I said, Pall In The Family is much better than expected given all the hype. Great songwriting and solid delivery from the band while Paul proves he still got it. This record should not only be relevant to old timers but a ride for everyone.

Rebellion Records / Reaper Records 2018

Review: Wisdom In Chains - Nothing in Nature Respects Weakness

One of the most solid bands that blessed this scene is back with new material. No doubt this was the most anticipated record of the year for me. Now when it has finally dropped and after a considerable amount of time spent nodding my head to these tracks I know this will be high on my best of 2018 list. Straight off the bat, I think it’s their strongest release since Class War. They hooked my ass after just the first track and there was no letting go till the final.

Wisdom’s core sound stayed the same and Nothing… fits well with the overall evolution of the band, but the album is somehow a return to form after disappointing The God Rhythm. For sure it’s way heavier and sharper. Over the years they moved from the aggressive in-your-face style of their early work into a more vibing sound that takes from diverse styles like punk rock, oi! or even straight up rock. No way this made them sound weak, but on the previous record, man, they took a few strange turns that made me skip through some of the tracks. This time the focus is on intensity.

Already Dead and Duck Down Stay Down are the hard stuff. On the other side of the spectrum are Slow Down and Turn My Back, both have a nostalgic feel to them that gives you a chance to contemplate that hard life of yours. Why do bad things happen to good people? Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil. These odd elements and moods flow together perfectly. With all the diversity on this album, you must be crazy not to find something for yourself.

Special props to Mad Joe cause he must be the best lyricist in hardcore right now. Dude can write painfully real stories so rooted in life that if they don’t click with you then what’s wrong with you? If you’re caught up in the daily struggles trying to keep trouble from the door you can relate. This is grown man trying to make sense of this chaos. No fake thug posturing or cliches, just honest perspective on the world today without having to make shit up.

This album is all pro. I have listened to it maybe a hundred times already and it is one of those albums I can just put on and feel the same way about every time. Cop this shit and let the music diffuse all the tension.

Demons Run Amok Entertainment / Fastbreak

Review: Take Offense -Tensions On High

It's been 5 years since the previous Take Offense record, United States Of Mind, which is like forever in the music biz. They were on top of the game back then but then, disappearing for that long usually means line up changes or other drama that tend to make good bands go bad. So TO dropping new music now makes you think if they still got it? After few listen I gotta say hell yeah they do. I don't know what's the story behind them being lost all that time and why they're not on Reaper anymore, all I know Tensions On High don't suck. Definitely not a half-assed attempt to cash in on the old material but a legit heavy hitter.

Tensions On High is built more or less on all the elements that made TO famous. By that I mean taking a deep dive into 80' grittiness and putting their own mark on it. The band's progress is about expanding their sound within that arena. So apart from straight up crossover sound on A-side tracks you get nostalgic short instrumental Ometeotl that serves as a build up to epic Just Because You Believe. This last song is a stand out with a mid-paced groove and hard rock riffing that will haunt your ass for days.

It's a short ep with 4 tracks in total but each one of them delivers sheer density and force. There's no ego in their delivery, instead they keep it raw and keep it loose. Take Offense always had tons of badass ideas going to the studio and technical prowess to pull them off, but they never overcomplicate their shit and make sure these records have real balls.

Demons Run Amok / Flatspot Records

Review: World Of Pain - No Utopia

First time World Of Pain caught my attention was when they dropped that split cd with Xibalba and Ruckus. All three bands sounded killer back then if metallic hardcore is your thing. Since then World has been steadily putting new material that I had fun listening to and I hoped No Utopia would be just as good.

Truth be told, I had to suffer through first two tracks, Knee Deep and Internal Warfare, cause this is the slowed down, double bass heavy shit that annoyed me too many times already. These two just don’t move me at all. The guitars sound artificial and the groove is absent. To me it is just the complete opposite of all the elements that made Bulldoze or Next Step Up so ruthless and moving. But, despite the record’s lousy beginning, it is not an ordeal and next tracks offer a glimmer of hope Leech is nice with an old school beatdown feel to it opposed to the double bass slam of some of the previous tracks. This is the type of shit this world needs more of. Definitely my favorite one on the album. Apocalypse Now is aggressive and raw, Losing Sight hits you hard with tight groove and sharp riffs and Buden is slow burn teror with the meanest vocals. "Set me free from this war inside of me / face your demons, face yourself. Conquering / no utopia, not on this earth." Hard as nails!

Lyrically it goes from personal stuff to ranting about the corrupt and hypocritical system. Whatever the topic, the vocals enforce the message in a manner that’s far from subtle. It might not go down in history as the defining voice of how fucked up the world was in 2018 but still sounds strong without going too dramatic.

It’s not often that I’m confused by my feelings for a hardcoe record. I thought this album was merely alright when I first heard it, but it has since grown on me. It’s slightly held back by few tracks that don’t rip, but all in all No Utopia turned out to be more killer than filler.

BDHW, 2017

Review: Crowned Kings - Sea of Misery

If you were raised on a heavy dose of Hatebreed and jam Lionheart on a daily, this record is for you. The cover, the band's name, the track titles like Grind My Teeth or Reign Supreme should give you idea what’s it all about. Definitely they were aiming for that Lionheart, Terror or recent Madball sound. Heavy on chugga-chugga but light on finesse, and with an ugly ass cover art. Technically, everything from guitars to rhythm section is solid, but also very calculated and they don't go too crazy with their sound. The production is thick and heavy, making it a case of recording budget well spent.

Lyrically Seas Of Misery is a mix of depression, pain and anger, but also strength and perseverance. Again, think Hatebreed and Lionheart put together. I don't know how much of it is their real life experiences and how much is making shit up cause you gotta have lyrics. On tracks like Reign Supreme or Dominate & Control they make no secret what they can do to people crossing them. Everyone having problems with, you know, being a stand up dude can listen to this shit and learn to straighten the fuck up and handle their business like a man should. And all the girls who want to bad ass can also get a lot from this album.

Demons Run Amok, 2018

Review: Balance - Demo

The latest release on Demons Run Amok is UK's Balance. I don't know if I got the press release right but this is marketed as UK's response to Turnstile. I couldn't tell, I don't listen to Turnstile. To me this sounds like a classic hardcore punk except it's more complex than average. Not too complex though. The band starts with that classic sound as a base but messes with it a bit and somehow makes it work.

The guitar work is nice with some weird stuff thrown in and melodies I can vibe to even though I'm too proud to admit it. I like that the more open minded stuff is never out in the front but rather smoothly mixed with the rest of the music. Not every band can play it straight but still keep it that varied. And what's best, they do melody but there's also a lot of chugging grooves in here. And yeah, they try to sneak in some alternative rock influences from time to time but it's well hidden and don't bother me that much.

After a short intro no one really asked for the first track hits it hard and there couldn't be a better start. The band even gets melodic on this one but it doesn't offend my manliness at all so I can hang with it for the most part. I dig the next track as well. Made For Living is short and in your face and they play it like they mean it. The next track is called Spill and is also solid. At that time I am pretty ok with all the nasty things they do to their guitars only because the music is still sharp enough to avoid the corny basket. The forth track is Out Of My Head and it's tolerable. Only the last track, Outro, doesn't do it for me, the lo-fi guitar thing sounds too soft for my liking.

While this demo is not the type of hardcore I fuck with on daily basis, it's still a good ride. I was expecting the worst but it's not that bad.

Demons Run Amok, 2018

Review: Climate Of Fear - Holy Terror

Debut album from UK's Climate Of Fear. The name of the band sounds familiar and to be honest I was hoping this one to be along the vibe of early Bitter End albums. Can you blame me? Turns out that was misleading cause the band's focus is more on heavier mid-tempo stuff than pure aggressive and reckless hardcore goodness. The two opening tracks are whatever but it gets better in the second half of this short album. Holy Terror is solid as hell, while Entombed sounds fucking great and is a definite stand out. The dramatic intensity of this latter track goes from menacing mid-tempo vibe to slick faster part and this combination is musical equivalent of timebomb.

You can hear they were aiming high when it comes to technicality and complexity in the music, doing what they could with the skills they have to make these tracks engaging and complex. This leads me to question some of their stylistic choices. There are just too many slower parts and 99% of them don't do nothing for me. I could have done without all those basic ass breakdowns they felt they need to do every 30 seconds of each track. That way otherwise brilliant songs, like already mentioned Entombed, don't flow like they should. I guess it's their weird way to show they can play but no one ever asked for that shit.

The production is crisp and clean, it's not bad but I miss the dirt and grime and reverb. Hardcore does not need to be overly produced.

All in all, despite me bitching about some stuff, it's still a solid record. Next time they just need to drop their ego and get rid of that metal wankery and stick to that more straight forward stuff.

Demons Run Amok